200 Hackers. All in high school. Come join us on April 16-17 for Menlo School's first hackathon.

MenloHacks is the official hackathon for the Menlo School in Atherton, CA. We will be gathering 250 high school students this spring for 24 hours to build anything pertaining to hardware or software.

See our live website for current schedule and announcements: live.menlohacks.com.

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If you are hacking remotely, please upload a 2-3 minute video describing your project that we will show to our judges.


Scott Forstall

Scott Forstall
Former SVP of iOS, Apple

Brienne Ghafourifar

Brienne Ghafourifar
Co-founder, Entefy

Jens Christensen

Jens Christensen
CEO, Jaunt

Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy
VP, Project Loon at Google

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Is your project unique or original? Does it take an interesting or creative approach to a problem?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Is your project technically impressive? Is it more than just a few mockup designs or a landing page?
  • Usefullness
    Does your project solve a problem that actually exists? Is it feasible for people to use this product in the real world?
  • Polish
    Does your project look nice? Does it have a design interface or design?